It all began on Monday. Monday, September 30, 2013.

Grace, Max, and I joined some friends for a morning of apple picking in upstate New York. The sun was warm and the apples were sticky and delicious. Grace and Max loved winding their way through the lines of trees. I loved letting go of the daily schedule and sharing time together without interruption. When we got home and told Carl all about our little adventure, he wished he’d been there.

We decided to head out again the following Monday (to the Metropolitan Museum of Art). And then the following Monday (to the New York City Fire Museum). And then the following Monday (to the Storm King Art Center Sculpture Park). And Mondays became ADVENTURE MONDAYS — a commitment to spend time together and to go out into the world with a spirit of adventure in our hearts. Sometimes Carl would take time off work to join us; once we went to visit him at the office.

Pretty soon Mondays were our favorite days. And so we decided to pack up our apartment, say goodbye to our daily schedules, and make every day a Monday.

This blog is the story of our adventures.