Adventure Mondays

Adventure Mondays

Grace and I are taking a quick mama-daughter trip to Copenhagen. It’s a slightly belated (and totally awesome!) birthday gift from Carl, and I’m really looking forward to exploring a new city and spending some one-on-one time with my sweet little Goose. I’ve done little to no pre-planning, so I’m also trying to embrace a spontaneous approach (let’s see how that goes!).

After an early wake up and two very bumpy flights, we arrived safe and sound in the early afternoon. Luckily Danish public transportation is excellent and we were pleased to discover (very spontaneously — see above regarding my level of pre-planning) that our hotel is a quick walk from the main train station. I’m quite thankful for the free Copenhagen map app that I hastily downloaded before we left; it let me know I needed to buy a three-zone Metro ticket to get from the airport into the city. In fact, we’ve had quite a bit of luck all day — we caught the final bus tour of the day (yes, I almost neurotically love hop-on-hop-off city bus tours!); we managed to chase down said bus after it left us stranded by the mermaid statue (despite telling passengers there was time to get out and walk around a bit); and we happened upon a delicious outdoor cafe for a tapas-style smørrebrød (Danish open sandwich) dinner. Grace enjoyed an afternoon sausage snack from a pølsevogn (hot dog stand) and we both indulged in some after dinner Haribo snacking (in bed!). Good times all around!

(Also way too many parentheses and exclamations in this post!!!).

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  1. Mary

    I am simply LOVING your blog and adventures & cannot believe how sweet & grown up dear Grace is! Enjoy every moment!


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