Adventure Mondays

After nearly 26 hours in transit, we have arrived in New Zealand! This camper van is our home for the next 69 days. I’ll do a full internal photo tour soon, but for now we’re enjoying our parking spot in the lovely Ambury Regional Park in Auckland. We’re going to get to know the van a bit and start to formulate an adventure plan for the next few months.

Auckland is on the north island, so we’re thinking of heading up to the top of the island and then making our way south, eventually crossing over to the south island by ferry. We’re aiming to both stay at camp sites (where we can plug the van in, get fresh water, and dump our waste, usually for a fee) and also freedom camp (camping in public spaces without having to pay, and often with very few people around). We intentionally chose a van that allows us to camp for a couple of days without having to plug in and re-water so that we’re able to take advantage of freedom camping, something that isn’t permitted in all countries.

Initially we weren’t sure all our things would fit, but the van is surprisingly spacious from a storage point of view (let’s see if I continue to feel that way after a few days of living, cooking, and sleeping!). We’re also the first people to rent this particular van so it’s BRAND NEW and super clean, which is a fab bonus.

Now to set up the beds and zzzzzz…

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