READING 10/20/2014

The upside of 26 hours of flying – having time to read two books. Yep, this meant that the children watched IPad for A LOT of the trip – oh well and long live Apple products.

I went for a self-involved memoir essay theme – Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl and Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck. I liked the idea of reading two similarly styled books, both set in NYC, written by women of different generations. I figured they’d both essentially be “beach reads” (or “plane reads” as the case may be), but I actually found them thought provoking in their own ways. Certainly humorous and heartfelt and very readable. And while I’m writing a blog (hello, self-involved), it’s more of a record of our locations and basic activities; I don’t think I’m emotionally brave or eloquent enough to share the details of my life and feelings the way either of the authors do. Maybe I should have more “Reflect” entries on here and try my hand at it. Time will tell… (but it’s unlikely).

Regardless, I loved getting back into the groove of quasi-obsessive reading. Reading has been something that’s faded from my life since the kids were born, New Yorker articles before bed aside. And while I logistically understand why, the few times I do read I realize anew how much I miss it. In I Feel Bad About My Neck, Ephron writes about disappearing into a book she loves, experiencing a state of rapture, finding it difficult to return to the real world when the book is done. I’m hoping to prioritize reading on this trip, to get lost in the written word, to find my own rapture.

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