Epic views are even more epic when you’ve walked uphill to see them.

There are infinite shades of green in New Zealand.

You don’t need a huge kitchen to cook a decent meal. I already basically knew this from NYC living, but it appears the adage extends to micro kitchens.

There are many, many, many different kinds of sheep. I could literally stare at them for hours at a time (it’s unclear why or to what end).

I could never be a pioneer woman. This I’ve learned mostly from binge reading the Little House series with Grace; we’re currently deep into On the Banks of Plum Creek.

When you have limited water supply, you use a lot less water. Also you sort of miss long, steamy showers (something else pioneer women went without).

Whoever invented the dustpan and broom likely had a child who ate crackers just like Max.

Children love playgrounds, regardless of world location or excellent tourist/nature activity options in the surrounding area.

Consistently going to bed early (basically with your kids) really reduces the overwhelming desire to both nap and lose your temper during the day.

Consistently going to bed early (basically with your kids) really reduces your sense of being an adult with interests of your own.

2 thoughts on “THINGS I’VE LEARNED | WEEK 3

  1. Elizabeth

    You are the greatest! Love having a window into your halfway-around-the-world thoughts! Sending lots of love from an uncharacteristically rainy sf -

    1. Leah Kalm-Freeman Post author

      hello lovely elizabetta! thanks for the love. hope it’s not so rainy now! xo


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