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MIXING COLORS 06/13/2014

Adventure Mondays Paint

We’ll have such an open schedule over the next year, that I’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate some daily practices into our lives to provide just a little structure and consistency. Grace and Max (and I) love art projects and I know they’ll figure heavily into our quiet afternoon activity time. We won’t have room for big lovely paint books like the one above, so no time like the present to enjoy them — today we learned to mix blue and yellow to make green. And Max was desperate to drink our homemade green juice!


Adventure Monday Croissant

Adventure Monday Croissant

We’re addicted to croissants. This might even be a reason we’re beginning our travels in France (I’m only sort of joking). There will clearly need to be rules related to how often we’re allowed to frequent boulangeries. Until then, we’ll continue to enjoy Sunday morning trips to our local Brooklyn cafe.


Just three weeks before we fly to France, and I’ve been walking around our neighborhood with a new awareness of what we leave behind. I will miss: Colorful, graffitied, textured, muraled walls (with Grace and Max posing beside them, of course). Walking two blocks for just about any obscure organic grocery product at any time of the day or night. A simultaneously carefree and contrived sense of fashion. Smiling at strangers on the first warm days of summer. Green juice on demand. Walking down the street alone and anonymous, but surrounded by bodies, energy, and a background rumble of voices that offer a comforting companionship.